Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

*Cue Elevator Music*

We apologise for the delay, but exams and final assignments are getting in the way. In an attempt to not make myself feel bad about not having posted in a WHILE, I thought I’d give you a quick-fire update round.

  1. I’m graduating in July.
  2. I’m going to be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe from the 18th-25th August.
  3. I currently have one essay left and one exam, due on the same day.
  4. I am putting in my application for my MRes next week.
  5. Natural History Society elected me as their new VP in Palaeontology yesterday.
  6. I have gotten really into passionfruit recently.

So there’s that. I’m still here, still the same person, looking to launch an exciting new section to this blog to get started on over the summer, here’s a hint: I live in Southampton, and there’s a lot of boats.

It’s not just that I like boats.

Anyway, bye for now, see you on the other side!


(Featured image is a cool version of the ‘please stand by’ TV error screen that I found here).


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